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For the Sake of Truth
by Iskander Jadeed

This book is the life story of a wonderful man of God who came from a Muslim background.

The first part of the book contains his personal memoirs while part two presents the correspondence with his brother, who tried to bring him back to Islam.

God has Chosen for me Everlasting Life
by Hamran Ambrie

Conversion experience of an Indonesian Muslim; how he turned from attacking Christianity to his conversion; and his believing in the Bible which, he became convinced, had not been corrupted.

He shows how he came to believe in difficult Christian doctrines to Muslims, as such as: Jesus Christ's sonship, Jesus Christ's deity, Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, trinity and authenticity of the Bible.

In Search of Assurance
by K.K. Alavi

This is the story of God's goodness to an Indian Muslim. The writer shows how God loved him and showed him His salvation. He tells about persecutions and difficulties that faced him, and he ends his testimony by saying, "You did not choose me, but I chose you to go and bear fruit - fruit that will last."

My Grace is Sufficient for You
by Ghulam Masih Naaman

This book is a wonderful testimony of a Pakistani Muslim who found Christ. He served the Lord with his wife and his children, in spite of persecutions and battles from within and without.

He was ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church and continued to serve the Lord till the last moment of his life.

Released from Bondage
by Augustine Abdul Jabbar

This is the testimony of an Indian Muslim who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and redeemer. He narrates in a concise way, the story of his life since his birth in a fundamentalist Muslim family, till the moment he has written this testimony.

Sweet Firstfruits
by W.M.

A very unique book that narrates the experiences the Christians from an Islamic background had and the persecution they faced because of their faith that caused some to be martyred.

The book recounts the conversations between a Christian man and a group of Islamic sheiks which led them to believe in Christ and Christianity. They were finally killed because of their new faith.

The book also proves the authenticity of the Bible.

Torn Nest
by G.M. Naaman
This book is a collection of spiritual exercises and persecutions experienced by a converted Muslim. The book contains also the testimony of the author’s son Obed who was killed because of his conversion into Christianity, and the sufferng the author had to endure because of his son’s death.
Why I Became a Christian?
by Sultan Muhammed Paul

This booklet contains the testimony of an Afghani Muslim who became a Christian after considering what this faith had to offer compared to what he had been brought up in. The author concentrates on his encounters and controversies with Christians. Being convinced in their doctrines; he reveals how he found salvation in Jesus Christ.