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Sin and Atonement in Islam and Christianity
by Iskander Jadeed

There is no question that all people need salvation because sin is firmly planted in the human race, as all have sinned. There is also no doubt that the human heart knows that repentance alone does not erase sins, and that there must be a better way to earn forgiveness and that is atonement.

This booklet discusses the position of Christianity and Islam concerning atonement.

The Cross in the Gospel and the Qur'an
by Iskander Jadeed

This booklet is a valuable study about the cross in the Gospel and Quran; does the Quran deny it totally while the Gospel confirms it?

Christianity teaches that Christ was crucified to pay the penalty of the humans’ sins, and that God reconciled the sinful human with himself by saving them with the blood of Christ.

Islam, on the other hand, teaches that Isa the son of Miriam was not crucified and that someone took his place while God raised Isa to Him.

Was Christ really Crucified?
by Faris Al-Qayrawani

The crucifixion of Christ is a controversial issue between Christians and Muslims. While Christians consider the cross the main doctrine in their faith, Muslims totally deny that Christ was crucified or even that he died in a natural way. Yet Christians insist that Christ died on the cross to cleanse all humans from their sins.

Muslims use verses from the Qur’an to deny the doctrine of salvation and the need of a savior. On the other hand, Christians believe that there is no salvation without the shedding of blood which took its final form on the cross.

This book reviews the main concepts of the Christian faith, such as the divine incarnation in Christ, his crucifixion that gave salvation to many and took away the sin of the world, and his glorious resurrection that gives the sinner the way out of hell and the chance to have eternal life.